Understanding the Purpose of Completing a Job Application


When you understand why job applications are used, then your chances of success will no doubt increase.

The feedback from experienced people who daily work through hundreds of Curriculum Vitae (CVs), the overall is very poor.  The general observation is that too many of applicants spend too little time compiling their CVs. There are good examples why applicants fail to pass the completion of their application form stage:

  1. Instructions are not followed

 Some companies provide some guidelines of what they require the applicant need to do when applying for a position. These notes or instructions from the advertising company or recruitment company such as Global Village Worker’s (GVW’s) notes will provide clear instructions on how you should complete the form. It seems that approximately 75% of people either are not aware of these notes, or they do not care to read them. An example is that an applicant is requested to use black ink when completing the form and if this requirement is not adhered to, the application will be rejected by the company.

If instructions are not followed on completion of a form and if such a simple instruction is ignored, the chances are there that an instruction in the workplace may also be ignored.

  1. Grammar and spelling mistakes

Always ask a third party to read through your application form to determine if there are spelling mistakes or poor grammar use.  Does everything make sense and is the essence being addressed? Before submitting your CV make sure that you take extra time to show respect to the person that will be receiving it that you were serious when applying for the job.

There are good spelling and grammar checks available - make use of them!  I know from experience that when I received a CV full of spelling or grammar mistakes, or the layout is poor or clearly noticed that key information is lacking, I’ll not even bother to consider the applicant for a job.

  1. Meeting the required ‘essential’ criteria

Basically, all advertised positions have minimum or required criteria that are essential to fulfil the basic requirements of the job.  Please ensure that you adhere to these minimum specified essential and desirable criteria and do not just ‘dump’ your CV to all available advertised positions. This will cause that your application be rejected immediately. You can also check if the desirable words in the job advertisement also match some of the words used in your CV.

  1. Failing to provide relevant evidence

It is so important that you provide the evidence where you meet the requirements of a job and do so at every opportunity where you can.

If a requirement is for instance that you need to provide proof of call center work and the number of years’ experience required, then make sure that you provide evidence of your qualifications and experience in that field.  This will demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and experience in the required field to the person assessing your application.

Following this specific Blog, a follow-up one will specifically address the guidelines to complete an application form.