The future of recruiting – How Covid-19 is transforming hiring

The Future of Recruiting

You think about cloud solutions — being able to tap into the cloud wherever you are. Why can’t we do that with talent? It doesn’t matter where you sit or what country you’re in, as long as you have the skills. ... That’s an opportunity for recruiting to say that the door for talent is now open everywhere.

Wise words from Sharon Tan* (see Reference below)

This is exactly what GVW is doing - Empowering the global workforce. Matching the talent, no matter where they are located, with the Employer's requirements. Providing the best of both worlds, the best possible talent for the employer, an opportunity for the candidate and all the technical support required on both sides for optimal functioning at both ends.

GVW is moving business platforms into the digi-sphere, from recruitment right through to liberating the employer and empowering the workforce.

Have a look at Talent Solutions' Brochure - GVW's Recruiters is doing just that, stepping into the future.

GVW's genesis is internet-based in the cybersphere!



Article by Sharon Tan: You can view the full article here in PDF format.



One Response

  1. The dynamics of being able to achieve effective remote worker recruitment and the subsequent ability to implement and draw out the best from those remote workers requires a dynamic shift for the employer. Preventative measures for the natural disconnect of the remote worker needs to be prevented and a wellness and human resources structure needs to be in place for the employer.
    Further, although remote working is easy the actual recruiting of good remote workers is extremely difficult. At Global Village Worker (GVW) we have 14 years of experience working with contracted global remote workers from various countries in the world and built a dynamic company which maintained and looked after the wellness of the individual workers as well as having very successful global remote workers.
    This integration and cybernetic requirements, administrative skills, and digital security has now all been incorporated into the development of GVW.