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Guarantee your Success - Business Start-up

Entrepreneur, you have the business idea, ready for a start-up  - 8 pitfalls to sidestep

Don't Get caught out
"Knowing what not to do and maximising the potential opportunities prevents this happening."

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The right team - 23% of businesses fail because they do not have the right team to run the business. Create a job description and related tasks for the position. Appoint the right person, not necessarily your friend or relative; spend your training time cost-effectively!

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The Social Media Myth - regular posts on social media platforms will establish your brand awareness and draw customers to your shop/website/business.  According to Gallup research, the vast majority of consumers (94%) who use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking channels do so to connect with family and friends. They are far less interested in learning about companies and/or their products. Ensure you are not wasting your funds on the wrong platform.

Website Development and maintaining control - Keep control of your website; maintain access. You want to be able to effect changes to minor issues on the site, updating email addresses, telephone numbers, post reviews etc, rather than relying on your web designer.

Corporate Identity - Get a brand name, logo, corporate identity, colours, well worth the money spent - this is key in every business. You want clients to remember your company, your products and your services. Eye candy will capture their attention when visiting your site, the first few seconds are crucial. Think of Coke, Nike and Amazon, do not skimp,  establish your identity.

Domain name - If you do not have control over your domain name, you do not have control over your website. Are you the owner of your domain name or does your web developer have control? Pointless developing your corporate identity and brand name, just for your developer to disappear off the face of the earth.

Getting the right domain name for your product or service can make the world of business on how catchy and easy it is to work with how it is memorized and appealing to the public.

Best worker, skill set on a shoestring budget - you can afford to outsource. You do not have to do everything yourself; do what you are good at, grow your business, outsource your work to contractors. Contract a top PA, accountant, telephonist, web designer, SEO or social media person from a different continent, getting the top skillset at a budget you can afford.

Rent an Office - Do you really need an office and the accompanying rent, office furniture, utility bills, refreshment or can it be effectively run through a virtual office. It can be done, the whole office synergy, office politics, camaraderie without the extra costs.

SEO is crucial for your business but a possible capital drain.- Keywords drawing the right customers to your website, customers who would engage your services and convert, not just site visits. Your SEO provider should monitor conversions, analyse and discuss the keywords with you weekly.

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