NTI National Telecommuting Institute

National Telecommuting Institute ( NTI ) 


The National Telecommuting Institute has helped many people with severe disabilities find work from home opportunities. Somewhere in the region of 500 to 600 Americans who have physical disabilities are placed as work from home call centre personnel with various partners from the government and other businesses registered with them.

This is an important and significant opportunity for anybody who has or is facing some form of disability to find a natural way of working from the confines of their own home.

Use this link: https://www.nticentral.org/nti-main-homepage to start you on your journey.

How can we help/assist?

Please let us know how we can help or give you further information. This is also a really good place to start if you need a consultation on what course of action would work the best for you if your circumstances.

Some basic information so that we can better assist you
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