Local-Global Village Worker ( Local Remote Worker) ~GVW

Since February – March 2020 with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic it has become blatantly obvious that there are many advantages to remote working.

On 23 March 2020 the United Kingdom government imposed a severe lockdown preventing organisations from allowing their workers into the offices. The banks and financial institutions immediately started working out how to get their workers working from home. If it had not been for relatively good Internet access throughout the United Kingdom remote working would not have been possible.

At this point, I wish to identify two types of remote workers. The first is the local remote worker who works at home some of the time but still has to attend an office or meetings from time to time. Anybody who is in reach of their office and is able to share a cup of coffee easily with their seniors would be defined as a local remote worker. (Local global village worker). However, there are remote workers who never interact with their organisations or superiors on a physical presence basis. The organisation that the global remote worker is working for may be based in another country or thousands of miles from where there working base is. This type of remote worker would be referred to as a global remote worker.

Local Remote Working (Local global village worker)
The first stage of instigating remote working for an organisation would be to have local remote workers. There is a natural progression for this to happen. All commercial transactions have a degree of paperwork and Administration which needs to be maintained by staff capable of fulfilling these functions. The paperless office and electronic media which the world is moving towards are making remote working ever more possible. Therefore the first stages of people becoming exclusively (global remote workers) are becoming more and more realistic.

Global Remote Working. (Global village worker)
Once institutions, banks, auditors and accountants start to use more and more local remote workers there will be a bigger and bigger demand for global remote workers.
With the massive advance in Internet development and satellite networks being developed by Tesla, the realistic ability and possibilities for the global remote worker are becoming more and more viable by the day. However, the greatest challenge to recruit and find global remote workers will lie in the recruiting and vetting process.