Local Facilitator

Why are you not registered as a Local Facilitator?

With the prolific expansion of the internet coupled by the remote working pressure caused by the coronavirus epidemic, remote working (global and local remote working) has redefined the possibility of finding work internationally unhampered by your location.

Now, you can work right there where you live.

The matrix of possibilities that start to open up when you advertise what you can do and what you want to do may just open new horizons for you and the person looking for what you have to offer.

Just take a moment and think what knowledge you have that you would like to share or make available to someone who needs your experience and facilities.

What would a local facilitator be used for?

By using an example of how a local facilitator is used may be the best way to illustrate the process.

The journalist in New York writing for the Wall Street Journal is doing an article about the West Coast of Namibia. He needs some photographs from the area and would like to know about what has happened to line fishing from the shore. GVW have in their files a salty old fisherman (registered as a local guide) who has travelled up and down the West Coast fishing the shoreline since the time he was only knee-high with his dad.

In the pubs and Saldanha Bay, they speculate that our local facilitator, "oom Willem" has more salt and sand in his veins than blood. Our New York journalist has been put in contact with oom Willem (GVW - local facilitator) who is taking out the local photographer for a trip down the West Coast so that photographs can be taken in accordance with what is required by our New York journalist.

The Wall Street journalist can write the article as if he was present in the salty air of the skeleton Coast from the information and photographs that he has obtained through our local facilitator programme. GVW will assist and back up the local facilitators through their vast experience and technological abilities. This way the client and the facilitator are accommodated.

With a little thought, and exploring your own passions you should step out and write up a profile of how you would like to engage as a local facilitator. There are a vast plethora of opportunities for facilitators. It may even be that you live in Johannesburg but have spent many hours exploring the Kruger National Park and you wish to use this knowledge in your facilitator profile. Why could you not be the guide picking up a group flying into OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, and accompanying the group on their visit to the Kruger National Park? As a guide who knows the ins and outs of the country, the best visiting spots and waterholes in the Kruger National Park your knowledge and assistance would be invaluable.

Travellers with disabilities, blindness or mobility issues, are always in need of help. When you sign up as a local facilitator you will be expected to go through our vetting process to confirm what you are selling as a facilitator is real. That way when we offer you as a facilitator GVW is not putting other people at risk.

Who are obvious local facilitators?

Journalists, photographers, local tour operators, people with specific local knowledge, drivers, carers, people who run local businesses or charters.

Do not think for one minute that we believe the list above is exhaustive. We are especially looking for those unique opportunities and skill sets that cannot normally be found through the obvious. Your years of birdwatching in the area that you live in could possibly be a very saleable service which can be developed and be made use of.

To a large extent the world we knew in 2019 has been disrupted and to a certain extent will not return to what it was then. The major changes that have been forced on us by the coronavirus pandemic and the existing and developing Internet facilities have changed and created new opportunities for the world in general.

Having created this new opportunity "Local Facilitator" category it is to be explored by the facilitator as well as the client. GVW is ready to assist the facilitator in promoting and making available their unique situational knowledge coupled with an exemplary skill set to the optimum benefit of the requirements of the client.

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