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London, United Kingdom

Job Title
Website & Software Developer
£60/week neg incl. performance bonus Weekly
Office time
GMT 20hrs/week Mon - Fri
Job Type
Contractual On-site
27 May, 2022

Company Description

Global Village Worker Ltd is a specialist recruitment company enabling the global workforce and employment market to be as easily accessible as the workers or companies in your local village or city, providing support and assistance throughout.

  • Problem Solving
  • English Fluency
  • Software testing
  • Excellent Communication skill
  • Analytics Skills
  • Excellent at time management and prioritization
  • Ability to learn new information quickly and to ma
  • Ability to understand and follow instruction regar
  • Others
  • time management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Programming skills

About This Position

We are looking for a young talented enthusiastic, very capable Assistant Software Developer from India to work remotely for an international company.

Experience with working with PHP, performing unit testing, and managing REST APIs 


>Minimum 2 years experience with MVC frameworks such as Laravel

>Knowledge of MySQL

>Ability to work with version control (Git)

>Proficiency in HTML and JavaScript

>Elementary OS

>Website design

>Problem-solving skills and critical mindset

>Great English communication skills

>The desire and ability to learn

>Reliable internet

Position:  Contract-based 

Working hours:  20 hrs/week – remote work

Salary:   £60/week neg incl. performance bonus depending on experience and capabilities

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