Global Village Worker

London, United Kingdom

Job Title
Client Manager - Sales & Administration
Office time
10am to 6pm (GMT)
Job Type
Full Time Remote
08 September, 2022

Company Description

Global Village Worker Ltd is a specialist recruitment company enabling the global workforce and employment market to be as easily accessible as the workers or companies in your local village or city, providing support and assistance throughout.

  • Database Management
  • sales
  • Customer Service
  • Excellent Communication skill
  • Adminstrative Skills
  • Computer Savvy and Technologically Oriented
  • Client service

About This Position

This Client Manager - Sales & Administration position is for a well-established London-based Driving School that focuses on client management and sales to people who call in requesting driving courses and related assistance. There is no cold calling. The work entails client file management, driving course planning, resource matching, test booking, management and administrative support. 

Our systems are set up so that the work can be done from the comfort of your home, provided you have the necessary resources which include a good internet connection and the required computer. Working hours can be flexible but must be scheduled and disciplined.

Training and assistance are provided. Sales experience is beneficial.

The ideal candidate will have a firm understanding of computers and be able to learn and pick up how advanced database systems work. The work entails keeping databases up to date with client information and working on a new system just recently launched.

Prerequisite for the position:

  • Excellent and stable Internet connection - 30 Mbs+ download speed, 5Mb or more upload. (minimum)
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) will not work if you do not have sufficient bandwidth. 
  • Have a desktop or laptop, Windows 10 Pro machine, preferably with 16 Gb Ram ( but not less than 8 Gb RAM), QuadCore I Intel Processor
  • desk or laptop with screen and at least one additional screen.
  • USB noise cancelling headset, your computer system should have good sound quality.
  • office chair and proper desk - coffee machine.
  • Have an area that is isolated and can be used for an office, you need to be isolated when you are working, with no noisy background.

Position: Remote work 

Work Hours: 40 hrs/weekly – remote work - work from home.

Salary: Basic salary to be discussed in the interview. We run a sophisticated bonus structure to reward individuals on a personal basis for their sales and work input, tripling or quadrupling the basic salary. The Salary is paid monthly, on the 20th of the month.

Time Zone: London Working hours - 9 am to 6 pm Uk Time.

Job Responsibilities

Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • Fixed schedule according to the London time clock. From 10 o’clock to 6 PM (GMT) five days per week including Saturday, which are mandatory. Driving School does not work on Sundays. 
  • The incumbent successful applicant can choose to take off any other day of the week.
  • The first day of the week is regarded as Saturday.
  • Administrative accuracy for test bookings, with client interaction and management.
  • The bulk of the work is computer-based and a good command of the English language is of the utmost importance. 
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft-based programs and software.
  • Attention to detail and accurate record keeping is very important.
  • Enjoy talking to clients and instructors,
  • Have selling skills that can be developed,
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