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London, United Kingdom

Job Title
Client Manager - Sales & Administration
Office time
10am - 6pm (GMT)
Job Type
Permanent Remote
28 March, 2024

Company Description

Global Village Worker Ltd is a specialist recruitment company enabling the global workforce and employment market to be as easily accessible as the workers or companies in your local village or city, providing support and assistance throughout.

  • sales
  • digital marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Communications Skills
  • deadline-driven
  • Decision-making skills
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Ability to manage time and prioritize tasks

About This Position

We are looking for a super-energetic member of our team who is eager to learn new things and achieve excellence by all means. If you have past work experience in the related sector, then that will be a plus. While you are working in such an amazing team, your job details will be: 

Sales, no cold calling, Client file management, IT Client data management and support, work from home.

We have a post available at present; Client Management and support, Test Booking Team (mainly administrative) and Administrative support. Client planning and consultation.Our systems are set up so that the work can be done from the comfort of your home, provided you have a good internet connection and the required computer. Working hours can be flexible but must be scheduled and disciplined.The current post for client manager sales falls in the global village workers category (GVW) and is reliant on a fixed schedule according to the London time clock. The posts being advertised are 10 o’clock to 6 PM (GMT) five days per week which are mandatory. Sundays are days off and not worked, for religious reasons. The incumbent successful applicant can choose to take off any other day of the week. 

You need to be proficient in the English language and be able to write proper email messages and text messages to our clients.You need to enjoy talking on the phone with the clients and not shirk from answering client calls.Attention to detail and accurate record keeping is very important.All the posts require a degree of client sales and support. Some of the posts are more administrative than the others. You are welcome to let us know in your application which of the posts you would be interested in.Therefore in brief:

Enjoy talking to clients and instructors,Have selling skills that can be developed,Be accurate and have proficiency in detail.Be proficient with the use of Internet-based systems.Have an excellent command of the English Language and be able to write it properly.Please also consider the following:

Primarily you should have an excellent and stable Internet connection. The job entails voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) which does not work if you do not have sufficient bandwidth. If you can Skype without any problems then your Internet connection should be sufficient.Have a good desktop, preferably with 2 screens.A proper headset and your computer system should have good sound quality.Have an area that is isolated and can be used for an office, you need to be isolated when you are working, in a quiet area without a noisy background.


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