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Why Remote work

Remote work gives people the option to tailor their work hours to their lifestyle and needs.  This leads to a better work-life balance free from the stress of commuting. Working from home gives you the space you need to think critically and perform better. With the great prospect of working for a company you admire, without being limited by your location, work from anywhere at any time.

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Depending upon the unique requirements of various positions the overall aim for verification of candidates and experts is to confirm candidates’ past employment, academic qualifications and/or experience or other professional registrations and memberships. Employers are inclined to prioritize candidates that have already gone through the verification process as this gives them the assurance that they will receive quality candidates. 

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Training and online courses


Our supporting goal is to continue to expand our USPs to provide a fully extensive support service to our different target audiences in the SME (Small Medium Enterprises) market without excluding the larger corporate industry.

GVW support ranges from pre-employment vetting, Technical Support, Payroll, Finance, Legal, administration, Wellness, Remote work support, and various other employee and employers supporting needs.

Work as an expert

We facilitate the hiring of Experts to solve problems when any person runs into them. Experts from across the globe in a wide range of fields help businesses and individuals as needed. Our database of Experts and appointment system facilitates these interactions. Any person with sought after expertise can become one of our Experts or hire one of our Experts to help a person to solve a problem. Register now and work independently as an Expert.

I am excellent in technology... wellness... software... Helping others and sharing my knowledge with people is great! With my experience and/or training, I see myself as an Expert.

How it works as an Expert

GVW made the process to sign up easy and accessible for all experts in only three steps.


How can we help/assist?

Please let us know how we can help or give you further information. This is also a really good place to start if you need a consultation on what course of action would work the best for you if your circumstances.

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