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Why Remote work

Remote work gives people the option to tailor their work hours to their lifestyle and needs.  This leads to a better work-life balance free from the stress of commuting. Working from home gives you the space you need to think critically and perform better. With the great prospect of working for a company you admire, without being limited by your location, work from anywhere at any time.

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Depending upon the unique requirements of various positions the overall aim for verification of candidates and experts is to confirm candidates’ past employment, academic qualifications and/or experience or other professional registrations and memberships. Employers are inclined to prioritize candidates that have already gone through the verification process as this gives them the assurance that they will receive quality candidates. 

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Training and online courses

HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices

HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices

Learn how to write Web pages and Web sites by mastering HTML5 coding techniques and best practices.
Udacity Cyber Security Courses

Udacity Cyber Security Courses

Jumpstart your career in cybersecurity with 60% off all courses! Gain the highly sought-after skills to protect an organizations computer networks and systems from security threats or attacks.
Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Meet the growing demand for full stack developers and learn to build rich web experiences using a modern architecture and technology stack.
Java Web Developer

Java Web Developer

Learn back-end development with the Java programming language, one of the most popular programming languages in the world and one a majority of large enterprises rely on for their infrastructure.


Our supporting goal is to continue to expand our USPs to provide a fully extensive support service to our different target audiences in the SME (Small Medium Enterprises) market without excluding the larger corporate industry.

GVW support ranges from pre-employment vetting, Technical Support, Payroll, Finance, Legal, administration, Wellness, Remote work support, and various other employee and employers supporting needs.

Work as an expert

We facilitate the hiring of Experts to solve problems when any person runs into them. Experts from across the globe in a wide range of fields help businesses and individuals as needed. Our database of Experts and appointment system facilitates these interactions. Any person with sought after expertise can become one of our Experts or hire one of our Experts to help a person to solve a problem. Register now and work independently as an Expert.

I am excellent in technology... wellness... software... Helping others and sharing my knowledge with people is great! With my experience and/or training, I see myself as an Expert.

How it works as an Expert

GVW made the process to sign up easy and accessible for all experts in only three steps.

Register as an Expert

There are various ways on the GVW system to enter the registration portal. Make use of a portal and we will receive your entry and start working on it to get you ready to work as an Expert.
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Step 01

Deliver your best work.

Does your boss give you a pat on the back for good work delivered? At GVW the client rates you according to your work done
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Step 02

Get paid

This is the best part - get paid in the currency you prefer and yes, even in Bitcoin if that is your preference.
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Step 03


How can I create an account?

Creating an account as an expert or as a client is easy. We have highly skilled operators who are available on our chat box to assist you if you are having any problems. You are welcome to ask them to help you in any way that is feasible. We are only a click away from giving you direct live help. Alternatively you are welcome to call us by Skype, or set up a video conference via zoom with our operators.

How do I pick a secure password?

It is highly questionable whether you can have a secure password without using a password manager. When you use a password manager such as BitWarden managing and making secure passwords is so much easier. A soup your password will have 13 characters or more and will be a random mix of letters symbols and special characters.

How do I change my personal information?

Simply log in using the username and password originally created when you signed up. Otherwise, you can ask to have a password sent to the original email address that you signed up with.

How do I change my email notifications?

If for any reason you need to change the email address, you will need to contact our support team.

My account was suspended. Can I open a new one?

If your account was suspended, or there was a problem with setting up your authentication you are welcome to appeal for a rectification to our admin department. Simply use our contact details.

Can I have multiple accounts?

You do not need to have multiple accounts for different types of expert service you wish to offer, however, we can help you set up services for different expert skill levels. Please contact our support team.

Are there any upfront recruiting or contractual costs?

For our normal recruiting services the costing procedures and contractual documents will be negotiated and discussed directly with our operators. Simply contact our operators or recruiters for detailed information.

How is the trial period no-risk?

If you have paid for a service and for any reason you do not receive the service GVW guarantee that they will either refund the amount paid or assist you with alternative services. Please register your dispute or dissatisfaction through our admin email and we will respond to this as soon as we possibly can.

Are English skills ever an issue when working with a GVW Expert?

Our main language is English, and we expect our experts to have a good command of English

How can we help/assist?

Please let us know how we can help or give you further information. This is also a really good place to start if you need a consultation on what course of action would work the best for you if your circumstances.

Some basic information so that we can better assist you
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