How Businesses Have Evolved to Suit Remote Workers

How has remote work evolved during the pandemic?

remote worker pandemic

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a huge shift in the workplace environment. In order to keep safe we’ve had to start working from home, turning our spare rooms into offices. 

This has come with all new challenges, and benefits, that many people had no experience with before. We became isolated from our colleagues and bosses, which for some people was a benefit, but others need the hustle of an office to work efficiently. 

Once you’ve got a remote job, you may find yourself lacking the facilities to work efficiently. Luckily, there are plenty of places that you can visit and settle in for the day to get some work done. You have the usual suspects, a café or a library, and finding a quiet corner in a café, ordering a coffee and getting to work for the day, feels similar to university. The main difference is you may need to pick up a work call, which may be a bit awkward depending on where you are. Cafes are great spots to get to work, they have WiFi and an endless source of food and caffeine (until your wallet is empty) so that you’re set for the day. Additionally, the atmosphere encourages productivity, which is the main reason that people go to these seemingly unconventional places to get work done.

However, a better option has popped up recently. Office spaces have been utilised and rented out for remote workers to borrow and use for the day. These shared offices have opened up all round the country and they often require you to pay a membership fee before you can get to work, but that fee comes with a myriad of bonuses. Unlike studying in a coffee shop, there’s actual office space for you to use with desks and anything else you could need, and some places will even offer foods and beverages with your membership.

Using a shared office space to work lets you separate your work life and your personal life. Some people working from home find it hard to relax and settle down since it’s now their work space too. If you have this issue, it’s definitely a good idea to get out of the house and find a public space to work. Investing in a membership for an office space is a great idea to help promote the disconnect between work and home. 

Shared office spaces are the perfect solution for people who can’t adjust to the shift in work space. You have people surrounding you and the office environment to promote productivity, and all the space you need to get to work. All with the confidence and comfort of knowing that you have more control over your environment than if you’d decided to stay in a coffee shop for the day!