Marshall McLuhan ~ The world is a Global Village ~ 1970

This video is a must watch if you are interested in knowing where the term Global Village was originally coined and also it is a true eye-opener from a visionary who predicted this modern age 50 years ago. It is just staggering how much the world has changed over the last 10 years. We who participate are all part of a collective.

"Man is changing and those that are wise will embrace and ride the wave. The rest will stand on the beach and envy and criticise those riding the wave." quote by PfoJC

Marshall McLuhan saw the world in a changing phase and recognised that man was changing. He lived when music was going digital and phones still hung on the wall at home. The TV was in the living room and the family missed supper at the table to sit in front of the box to watch the latest soapy together. In those days no one had control of the remote because it did not exist. The couch potato had to get off his backside and traverse the room to the controls on the TV to adjust the volume or change channels. Normally this challenging and difficult task was left to the man of the house. This could possibly be the last dominant role the man played in society. Once the female gender got their hands on the remote control, man's demise at being the wolf of the pack was being whittled away.
So what of science, it has now moved back to a visual world. We are living in an ever-shrinking world and the global village worker has to be able to embrace this, use it and understand it as much as possible.

Brilliant book on how social media and the consumption thereof changes our mindset. This is a must-read. Interesting comments from McLuhan on the changing world and the properties associated with this continual stimulation. M McLuhan 1970 ish' Understanding Media (U-Tube Vid)

Quote ""Understanding Media" (Marshall McLuhan: Understanding Media - The Extensions of Man Hardcover),
first published in 1964, focuses on the media effects that permeate society and culture, but McLuhan’s starting point is always the individual because he defines media as technological extensions of the body. As a result, McLuhan often puts his inquiry and his conclusions in terms of the ratio between the physical senses (the extent to which we depend on them relative to each other) and the consequences of modifications to that ratio. This invariably entails a psychological dimension. Thus, the invention of the alphabet and the resulting intensification of the visual sense in the communication process gave sight priority over hearing, but the effect was so powerful that it went beyond communication through language to reshape literate society’s conception and use of space." Reference a piece written by Terrence Gordon (July 2002)"

Really worth getting this book: Marshall McLuhan: Understanding Media - The Extensions of Man