This is our “Disclaimer” encompassed by our General Terms and Conditions and is applicable to all emails sent from our management and administrative teams for you to consider if you have received an email from  GVW or its subsidiaries, including GVW Expert,  as well as use of  Global Village Websites, including but not limited to GVW.expert, herein referred to as GVW to encompass all of the above.

  1.  The content of  GVW emails is confidential and intended for the recipient specified in the message only. It is strictly forbidden to share any part of this message with any third party, without the written consent of the sender.  If you received this message and are not the intended recipient, please reply to this message and follow with its deletion, so that we can ensure and prevent such a mistake occurring in the future.
  2.  This message has been sent as part of a discussion between GVW’s representative and the intendant addressee whose name is specified in the document. Should you have received a message by mistake, we would be most grateful if you informed us that the message had been sent to you by mistake. In this case, we request that you delete the message from your mailbox, please do not forward it or any part thereof to anyone else. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.
  3.  GVW regards the security and privacy of its clients and partners at a high priority.  Therefore, GVW has made every effort in ensuring that the message is error and virus free. Unfortunately, full security of the communication (email) cannot be insured, despite our efforts, data included in emails could be infected,  intercepted, or corrupted. Therefore, it is incumbent on the recipient to check the email for threats with proper software, as the sender (GVW) cannot accept liability for any damage inflicted by viewing the content of this email.
  4.  Other than “pro forma invoices”  quotations may be sent to compare available offers and does not imply entering into legally binding contracts. However, confirmation emails and acceptance of payment options will legally bind quotations when confirmed by GVW.
  5.  Only directors and designated senior managers of departments (Acting within their approved budgets) have the authority to conclude binding contracts. All contracts in excess of £50,000 (fifty thousand British pounds) need to have board approval.
  6. Neither this nor any other email(s) sent or received on behalf of GVW will form or form part of or give rise to a legally binding agreement. Legally binding agreements may be concluded on behalf of GVW only by authorised signatories and only by means of a single document signed by that person which expressly states that it contains all terms of an agreement and that it is binding as a contract. None of our other officers, employees or agents are authorised to enter into any binding agreement with another party by email or other means without the express written confirmation of an authorised signatory.
  7. GVW supports a no printing policy as far as is humanly possible. We therefore respectfully request that you do not print electronic communications including emails unless you find it absolutely necessary. Every unprinted email helps the environment.
  8.  GVW makes every effort to keep all documentation backed up and stored electronically. If for any reason you are entitled to request copies of emails or documentation you may have lost or misplaced GVW will do everything it can to retrieve and resend them to you.
  9.  The views and opinions included in emails belong to their author and do not necessarily mirror the views and opinions of the company (GVW). GVW employees are obligated not to make any defamatory clauses, in French, or authorise infringement of any legal right. Further, GVW has a no-tolerance policy to any and all forms of racism including anti-Semitism. GVW. Therefore, will not take any liability for such statements verbally expressed or included in emails.  GVW, in case of any damages or other liabilities arising, employees are fully responsible and accountable for the content of their emails.
  10.  GVW does not farm email addresses from outside or remote sources.
  11. If you have received an email from us it would be because you have subscribed or submitted your email address for purposes of getting a newsletter from one of our GVW websites.  When a GVW sends out emails for information purposes or as newsletters there will always be an option which will include an unsubscribe regarding the specific topic. If for any reason you are not clear or do not know what to do with regard to having your email removed or delisted you are free to contact us in this regard.  Please mark unsubscribe as the subject line or heading of any such notifications, you may address them to admin@gvw.io.
  12. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. GVW and its associated companies and website teams will work hard and diligently to develop and deliver good quality information in the fields you have specified upon subscription.  however, if you decide that you no longer want to receive such emails, feel free to click the links provided or to notify us of any problems you may have and simply click the unsubscribe links.
  13. It is not GVW policy to send out emails without proper notifications, company contact details and affording email recipients the opportunity to have their email addresses removed.
  14. Any and all emails sent to Global Village Worker Limited may be monitored and/or stored by us to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, rules, and policies. All communications are handled in full compliance with current data protection legislation in force in England and Wales including, but not limited to, the EU or UK GDPR. For further information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions, T&C.
  15. Please note we regard any and all information received through our websites, verbal and all forms of electronic communication including emails and post with the highest regard to privacy.  As we are a global organisation there are many rules and regulations from different countries that we take into consideration in drawing up general terms and conditions. These include  GDPR (Europe), Privacy Policy (UK), POPPI Act Compliance (South Africa)  but by no means are the only privacy policies that we need to take into consideration.
  16. Computer viruses and other malware can be transmitted by email. Emails may also be intercepted by unauthorised third parties. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have in place suitable internet security measures, including scanning incoming emails and attachments for viruses. Global Village Worker accepts no responsibility for any viruses or other malware transmitted in this email or any attachments, or for any alteration or corruption that may occur during transmission.


  1. For your information at the time of writing the following website addresses are amongst those managed and used by GVW:

If anybody or entity receives emails from us which they feel are inappropriate or unnecessary they are welcome to unsubscribe or communicate their objection to ourselves (admin@gvw.io).  GVW will do everything possible to assist with the removal of email addresses which have been requested to be removed