Enhancing Remote Communication: The Power of Zinepost

Enhancing Remote Communication: The Power of Zinepost Understanding Zinepost Zinepost combines the immediacy of messaging apps with the formality of emails to ensure important communications are not overlooked. It is particularly useful in remote work settings where prompt responses and clear communication are essential. The Zinepost Formula A perfect Zinepost involves three critical components: Preferred […]

Mastering ChatGPT

Mastering ChatGPT: A Comprehensive 5-Week Learning Program for Technical Enthusiasts A simple learning program to teach a reasonably technically savvy person on how to use ChatGPT can be broken down into several steps. This program assumes that the learner has a basic understanding of programming concepts and is familiar with at least one programming language. […]

Types and Classes of Remote Working Jobs

Classifications Of Remote Workers Remote work, also known as telecommuting or teleworking, has become increasingly popular in recent years. With the rise of technology, many companies have shifted their focus towards remote work, allowing employees to work from anywhere in the world. Remote work is no longer just a trend; it’s becoming a way of […]

Critical Resources for the Remote Worker

The Critical Check List that will ensure you can demonstrate that you have the capacity to do remote work. Here at Global Village Worker we have been recruiting and training remote workers since 2006. This is not a covid induced skill born out of a crisis but was and is a way of working for […]