Global Village Workers (GVW)

"Man is changing and those that are wise will embrace and ride the wave. The rest will stand on the beach and envy and criticise those riding the wave." quote by PfoJC

With the ever-increasing internet resource and our electronic connectivity exploding into our private lives we are faced with many new horizons and opportunities. Let alone the dangers to our private lives.

Today you can work in any country in the world from the comfort of your home. Live in Beijing and work in New York.

Being the most effective and efficient worker you possibly can be. Working with greater freedom and determining your own work environment enables you to be better at what you do and being more effective with the time you allocate to your working life. This is a way to decrease the time you have to give to working (+travelling) and having oodles more time for doing things you want to do. Control your work environment and equip yourself better to be able to fill your role in the organisation that employs you.

Define GVW (Global Village Worker/s): workers that work remotely from home (or the beach) using the internet.

The phrase Global Village was first coined by Marshall McLuhan in 1970: