Working Freedom across the Globe

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Let the facts speak for itself

Working Freedom across the Globe

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Let the facts speak for itself

Of companies have operational resillience as a top priority
+ 10 %
Of organisations are adopting agile ways of working
+ 10 %
Of companies allow permanent remote work arrangements
+ 10 %

What we offer as the Global Village

Being the most effective and efficient worker you possibly can be.

Work in any country in the world from the comfort of your home

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About Global Village Workplace

The world is getting smaller every day. Technology allows the global workforce to work from anywhere while getting the most out of life. It also allows companies to hire the best talent this planet has to offer while keeping costs down. At Global Village Worker we want to empower this process through a range of services.

Global Village Worker Management Team

Our talented international team brings together a wide range of skills and experience.

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